Despite being a promising young bird dog in the making, Charley the cocker spaniel’s habit of following his nose instead of his owners’ lead was beginning to sow frustration in the Cundiff household. According to his parents, Charley’s prime motivation in his puppy life was abundantly clear: foraging for food (. . .and not-exactly-food)! Charley was fast becoming a connoisseur of fine grasses, artisanal twigs, and had even developed a palate for the delicacy of rabbit and bird turd. Walks had become a test of patience, as Charley pulled his owners along for the ride at every new whiff and whim. Things weren’t much better at home, with Charley striving to satisfy his seemingly bottomless appetite by counter-surfing and stealing snacks from his dog sibling.

The only thing Charley loved almost as much as sniffing n’ snacking was making new friends! Not one for subtlety, Charley greeted all creatures great and small with the same unrestrained exuberance – ambushing unsuspecting dogfolk on daily walks and jumping on human visitors at the Cundiff home to feverishly make their acquaintance.

It was clear from speaking with the Cundiff family that Charley was a spunky, good-natured soul who just needed some guidance in doggy etiquette and impulse control. We agreed that our Comprehensive Obedience Board and Train program would be a great fit for Charley and were determined to realize the Cundiff’s dream of having a calm and attentive family companion both in and outside of the home.

As would be expected from such an enthusiastic pooch, Charley settled right in and proved to be a model student! It wasn’t long before the fledgling scent dog redirected his attention and built a strong rapport with our trainers. We are thrilled to report that Charley is now able to walk through Wash Park with the alluring distractions of new dogs, enticing smells, and semi-edible objects without losing focus on the human at the other end of the leash. We are immensely proud of this sweet boy’s progress and are thrilled that the Cundiffs can now enjoy relaxed walks and a peaceful home environment with their furry family member.