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Behavior Modification Program

3-Week Board and Train in Denver

An image of a German Shepherd trained at Art of the Dog Canine Academy in Denver, through their 3-week Board and Train program.

About The Program

This program is a 3-week minimum designed to help rehabilitate dogs experiencing fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.

This course will offer a similar education to our Comprehensive Obedience course but will focus heavily on providing support and solutions for your dog’s behavioral issues.

Our dedicated team is committed to helping you and your dog live a content, happy and fulfilling life together.


Graduates Will Learn The Following:

This course comes with:



Enjoy a less stressful and more fulfilling relationship with your dog!


Interest-free payment plans as low as $110/month.



First, we build a bond with your dog while introducing the concept of leash pressure and teaching and rewarding desired behaviors with treats and praise. This builds confidence and a desire to participate in the work!

Set Expectations

Once a bond has been established, and your dog has a clear understanding of our expectations we will continue to reinforce desired behaviors with rewards, and discourage poor and undesired behaviors with corrections.

Remain Consistent

Now that a relationship has been formed through love, trust, and respect, we are able to reinforce the training by remaining consistent. This means consistency in our expectations and our continued practice. Consistency leads to a happy and confident dog who views you as a strong and fair pack leader.

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A Strong Bond Founder on Love,
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Why We Only Do Board and Trains

A black and white image of a chocolate brown labrador trained at Art of the Dog Canine Academy in Denver, through their 3-week Board and Train program.

Better Results

Board and Trains allow us to provide you with a much better-trained dog and a much better product overall. There are three main reasons for this:

Quality of Training: Every single interaction with your dog will be guided under the supervision of one of our professional dog trainers. 

Quantity of Training: Your dog will receive between 63 and 105 high-quality sessions during their program.

 We Can Teach Your Dog More: Our comprehensive curriculum allows us to address specific issues for maximum results.

Sporadic and inconsistent training yields sporadic and inconsistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Obedience training teaches dogs to respond to commands and follow rules set by their owners. The goal of obedience training is to create a well-behaved dog that can coexist peacefully with humans and other animals.

Obedience training is important because it helps dogs understand what is expected of them and reinforces positive behaviors. It also helps to prevent and address problem behaviors, such as barking, chewing, jumping, and aggression.

Our 3-week board and train program offers several advantages over other training methods. With intense daily training sessions, dogs can make rapid progress in a short amount of time. The boarding aspect of the program also allows dogs to receive round-the-clock training and attention, helping to solidify their obedience training. Additionally, owners can rest assured that their dogs are in a safe and comfortable environment while they receive training.

Puppies can begin obedience training as early as 8 weeks old, but it’s never too late to start training a dog of any age. Older dogs may take longer to learn new behaviors, but with patience and consistency, they can still be trained.

Both of our Board-and-Train Programs come with a guaranteed lifetime support!

We believe that the training doesn’t end after the 3 weeks conclude. We also believe it is our responsibility to make sure we continue to support you and your dog until the training is going well at home. For this reason, we have a robust, year-long post graduation follow-up process where we proactively reach out to you to make sure things are going well at home. Of course, for the rest of your dog’s life, we will always be here in full capacity to assist you.