1 AM Walks in Wash Park, Denver – and Why I got into Dog Training

Duck scaled 1

“I uhhh, don’t think what you’re doing is working…” my brother said as he stared at me incredulously while stifling his laughter. For whatever reason, it was these words that made me realize I needed to do something different with my German Shepherd, Ulf. It wasn’t having to endure the biting cold, and sleep deprivation […]

Pup of the week: Kaia Zedo

Kaia, a beautiful pitbull trained at Art of the Dog Canine Academy in Denver. We worked on her aggression and lack of obedience.

As our initial call unfolded, and as Corey was explaining all of the challenges he and his wife were encountering with their 10-month-old pit-bull pup, Kaia was in the background behaving as though she were an actress acting on cue to a script Corey was narrating. Jumping, nipping, barking and pulling! Clawing, pawing and completely […]

Pup of the Week: Harold Williams

Harold, enrolled in our Comprehensive Obedience Board and Train Program to improve his manners (of course), but more importantly, to help him feel more confident in the big, scary world around him. When Harold arrived, his biggest fear was immediately apparent: hardwood floors! It actually isn’t terribly uncommon for dogs to have fears associated with […]

Pup of the week: Charlie Cundiff


Charley is now able to walk through Wash Park with the alluring distractions of new dogs, enticing smells, and semi-edible objects without losing focus on the human at the other end of the leash.

Pup Of The Week: Biscuit Gallo


Biscuit, the bulldog learns good manners at Art of the Dog Canine Academy’s “Comprehensive Obedience” board and train!