With his tousled mane of blonde curls and playful personality, Bodie the Cavapoo had charmed Danielle and Kam Zia when the couple adopted him as a week’s old puppy. They were keen to welcome a new family member and a delightful companion into their home. But at only 7 months old, Bodie was fast becoming a problem child. To the Zia’s dismay, their sweet, spunky puppy was maturing into a rambunctious, rebellious teenager, stubbornly resisting the influence of Danielle and Kam, and doing as he so pleased.

Bodie was exhibiting many signs of puppy protest — chewing, jumping when excited, and paying no mind to his owners when they called for him. However, the most troubling of Bodie’s behaviours was his refusal to share with his humans. Treats, napkins, puzzle pieces, and other assorted household items that Bodie had deemed fit for chewing were fiercely guarded by the ringleted rascal. Bodie snapped and snarled whenever his owners approached to pry off-limits objects from his clenched jaws. Verbal commands were simply unintelligible utterances, outright ignored by Bodie. The Zias found that the only way they could persuade their dog to release whatever treasure he was guarding was to bribe him with kibble. Bodie even dictated when it was time for his daily walk, growling and threatening to bite when his owners came toward him with leash in hand. It was becoming clear to the Zia family that they were no longer the heads of the household but were rather being manipulated at the whim of their unruly fur child.

Coming all the way from Chicago to enroll Bodie in our Comprehensive Behavioural Modification Board and Train program, the Zias were clearly at the end of their rope when it came to their dog’s antics, and we at AOD were determined not to let them down! It was evident upon Bodie’s arrival that basic manners and obedience needed to be addressed alongside Bodie’s most prominent problem: resource guarding. Our trainer, Alex, got right down to work with the cantankerous Cavapoo, setting clear-cut boundaries and providing the unwavering leadership necessary to let Bodie know that only the utmost respect and cooperation would be tolerated in the Zia household.

It did not take long for Bodie to fall in line, and after 4 weeks, the rebellious youngster had transformed into the attentive, polite pup the Zias had always hoped for. Upon his graduation, Bodie even passed the most trying test of all: dropping a carrot, his most beloved treat, on verbal command! Bodie is now adjusting to life back home, deferring to his owners’ wishes and observing the house rules. We are immensely grateful that the Zias gave us a chance to work with Bodie, and we wish them nothing but harmony and good times together!