Don’t let the disgruntled facade fool you— Biscuit is an exuberant and free-spirited soul who just happens to have a few wrinkles! Despite bearing an uncanny resemblance to Ron Swanson, the one- year-old tri-coloured English Bulldog pup was anything but grumpy and subdued. On the contrary, according to the Gallo family, their furrowed friend was exhibiting a host of troublesome puppy behaviors that were disturbing the household peace and testing their patience as well as that of Biscuit’s elder Bulldog sister, Bugs. Thoroughly convinced that his family must share his penchant for tomfoolery, Biscuit incessantly jumped, nipped, and harangued his dog sibling and humans alike. Cautionary snaps and disapproving snarls from Bugs did little to discourage her baby brother from his mouthy antics, as Biscuit, in the throes of glee, appeared utterly oblivious to his puppy faux pas.

Daily walks were also becoming more of a chore than a pleasure for the Gallos, due to Biscuit’s fascination with foraging and feasting on foliage and disinterest in engaging with his owners. Darting to and fro from one distraction to the next, Biscuit pulled his humans along with little regard for their presence or commands. His comportment when making the acquaintance of new dogs in the outside world was unfortunately not any more refined. Biscuit felt it best to forgo such stifling formalities as respectful rear sniffing, considering it instead appropriate to playfully charge at and jump upon his newfound friends. Much like his sister, many dogs did not take kindly to Biscuit’s presumptuous greetings, grumbling at his lack of propriety and warning the out-of-line youngster of his folly.

The Gallo family were concerned that their pup’s pestering could someday lead to real consequences or injury and therefore deemed it necessary that Biscuit receive a lesson in doggy etiquette. We agreed during our consultation that our Comprehensive Obedience Board and Train program was just the thing to address their excitable pooch’s problem behaviors! From Biscuit’s first day at AOD, the fun-loving and tender-hearted hooligan made it clear to our staff that he was a good boy who just needed a little bit of guidance and structure.

With his eagerness to learn and openness to new experiences, we are thrilled to report that the brazen Bulldog passed our three-week course with flying colors. Biscuit learned rapidly that while his joie de vivre and playful spirit may have their time and place, it is nevertheless necessary to observe the rules of doggy decorum and respect with his friends and family (human and four-legged alike). We are extremely proud of Biscuit and are thankful to the Gallos for giving us the opportunity to work with him. We wish the Gallo family and Bugs many calm, gentle moments with Biscuit, punctuated by just a few raucous ones—on their terms.