Cash, enrolled in our Comprehensive Obedience Board and Train Program to help with his leash manners, and his overall etiquette when meeting new people and new dogs. Jamie Nielsen, Cash’s owner, knew Cash was a smart boy with a ton of potential, and wanted to do whatever she could to help him maximize it. As a family, they had dreams of being able to enjoy leisurely strolls around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, instead of relaxing walks, they were experiencing what many clients who seek our help experience: pulling, barking, lunging and an experience that certainly wouldn’t be described as “relaxing” or “leisurely”.

Jamie and her family had already been diligently working with Cash, and were completely committed to doing everything they could to ensure Cash would become the best version of himself he could be. Although they were extremely dedicated, like many of our clients, the Nielsen’s are an extremely busy family, and just weren’t quite able to provide Cash the consistency needed to produce the results they desired. It was for this reason that our “Comprehensive Board and Train” program appealed to the Nielsens, and why we began working together.

When Cash arrived at AOD, he was immediately a fan favorite. With such a sweet disposition, and the obvious desire to learn, we knew Cash was going to excel in our program. Cash was assigned to our head trainer, Jamie Miller. Jamie and Cash bonded immediately, and in very little time at all, were progressing smoothly through our training curriculum. Witnessing Cash’s transformation, as it always is, was incredibly rewarding.  Although Jamie is a fantastic trainer, and Cash a wonderful dog, much, maybe most, of the credit should go to the Nielsens who have been doing a fantastic job maintaining the training at home and staying consistent with reinforcing everything Cash has learned.

For us, the highlight of Cash’s stay came during the graduation class, as we were able to watch the Nielsen family finally be able to enjoy the relaxing and leisurely walk they had been hoping for. From the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful to them for being given the opportunity to be a part of Cash’s journey, and as will always be true, we will always be here for anything they need.