Pup of the Week: Cash Nielson

A picture of Cash, one of the Golden Retrievers that graduated from AODK9's Board and Train program in Denver. Cash is now a happy, confident, and well-trained dog.

Cash, enrolled in our Comprehensive Obedience Board and Train Program to help with his leash manners, and his overall etiquette when meeting new people and new dogs. Jamie Nielsen, Cash’s owner, knew Cash was a smart boy with a ton of potential, and wanted to do whatever she could to help him maximize it. As […]


Ian Lieberman, Lead Trainer & Co-Founder at Art of the Dog Canine Academy

I’m grateful for the time I had with him as he was one of the best parts of my childhood.

Pup Of The Week: Glory O’Kelley

Having been confined to a dog run at a backyard breeder for the first 6 years of her life, the world had always been a small place for sweet Glory. Glory’s adoptive family, the O’Kelleys were her guardian angels, saving the gentle yellow Labrador from harsh conditions and creating a sanctuary within the walls of […]