Having been confined to a dog run at a backyard breeder for the first 6 years of her life, the world had always been a small place for sweet Glory. Glory’s adoptive family, the O’Kelleys were her guardian angels, saving the gentle yellow Labrador from harsh conditions and creating a sanctuary within the walls of their home, where patience, loving support, and belly rubs from her favorite humans were never in short supply. But the O’Kelleys knew that there was a great big world beyond their home, one they had witnessed Glory regard with dread and wariness for far too long. Leaving the house for walks down the block thrust Glory into a state of utter terror. With tail tucked between her legs, Glory’s whole body tensed and trembled with every step. She darted forward, then froze, turned in circles, incessantly scanning the sunny suburban neighborhood for signs of threat. Strange people, mysterious noises, and lines sinister of houses loomed all around her, overwhelming dear Glory to the point of panic that no amount of reassuring coos and pets could relieve.

The O’Kelley’s expectations for Glory were modest, as they were sensitive to her troubled past. They were understandably apprehensive to send her to an unfamiliar place away from the security and comfort of her home and humans, but watching her cower with strangers and sink into the sidewalk on their daily rounds was breaking their hearts. All they wanted for their soulful girl was that she feel a sense of belonging and serenity in the world, whether cuddled up at home or enjoying a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

We agreed that our Behavioral Modification Board and Train program would be the best fit for Glory’s needs. We knew upon her arrival that patience and predictability would be key in building her trust in humans and the world around her. The AOD staff kept in close contact with O’Kelleys throughout the process, sending updates and pictures every day. Our whole team looked forward to receiving feedback and the adorable photoshop creations of precious Glory from her doting family! (see below)

It was no doubt a big transition for Glory and the O’Kelleys alike to be away from each other, but we are ecstatic to report that after four weeks with our trainers, Glory’s anxiety has improved dramatically. She is currently settling in at home and continuing to face her fears head-on — keeping in stride with her humans on walks and taking in unfamiliar environments and people with a greater sense of trust and confidence. It will require time, continued patience, and consistency to maintain and advance her progress, but Glory’s family’s love and steadfast commitment to providing their girl with a more peaceful and happy life were unquestioned from the very start!  We are deeply grateful to the O’Kelley family for trusting us with Glory and having such faith in her chance at a life without fear. This brave sweetheart touched all of us at AOD, and we are excited to hear about her future triumphs!

Glory O'Kelly.jpg