Get the Most Out Of The Colorado Outdoors with Our Off-Leash Hiking Tips

An image of a dog resting after an adventurous off-leash hike in Colorado.

With its jaw-dropping landscapes and hikes, Colorado offers an irresistible playground for adventurers like you and your beloved dog. It is no wonder one of the most frequent sentiments we hear from dog owners is the desire to venture outdoors while enjoying off-leash hiking and camping with their dogs. Embarking on off-leash hikes with your […]

Understanding Puppy Adolescence and the Importance of Obedience Training

An image of Winslow, a gorgeous yellow lab puppy going through his obedience training at Art of the Dog Canine Academy before his adolescence years.

Congratulations on welcoming a new puppy into your life! As exciting as it may be, the adolescent phase of your pup’s life can prove to be quite challenging. Known as the “teenage phase,” this period is when the most severe behavior issues arise. As a dog owner, it’s essential to understand the importance of obedience […]

From Pulling to Polite: The Heel Command and Impulse Control for Dogs

This is an image of Ian, and his German Shepherd, Ulf, during obedience training and troubleshooting the heel command.

Impulse control is an essential aspect of dog training that can lead to better behavior and obedience. One of the most effective ways to teach impulse control is through the heel command, a valuable tool for pet owners to help their furry friends develop good habits. In this article, we will discuss how to train […]

Obedience Training for Dogs: How to Teach Your Dog the “Place Command”

An image of a black German Shepherd during his board and train obedience course in Denver. During this picture, we were working on his reactivity and the "Place Command"

Obedience training is an essential part of dog ownership. Not only does it teach your dog to be well-behaved, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. One valuable command to teach your dog is the “Place” command. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of the Place command, how to […]