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Why We Only Do Board and Trains

Discover the Benefits of our Program

Board and Trains allow us to provide you with a much better-trained dog and a much better product overall.

There are four main reasons for this:

1. Quality of Training 

Every single interaction with your dog will be guided under the supervision of one of our professional dog trainers. This means there will be no gaps and no inconsistencies in the training.

Sporadic training will lead to inconsistent and sporadic results.

2. Quantity of Training

The second reason is the number of sessions your dog is going to receive at a board and train course. Typically, your dog will leave the course and it will have received anywhere from 63 to 103 high-quality training sessions where they are trained from two to four times a day.

3. We Can Teach Your Dog More

With the quality and quantity of training we provide, we are simply able to teach your dog much more.

The curriculum is much more comprehensive so we can cover much more material and make sure the dog has a really good understanding.

We can do this in a way that classes just don’t allow for.

4. Lifetime Guarantee

We are committed to being a lifetime solution for your dog.

This means that once a dog does a board and train course with us, they will have unlimited access to 30-minute one-on-one classes with our trainers.

Our goal here is to make sure that no matter what happens, we are going to be there as a resource for you, for the rest of your dog’s life.

This ensures the value of your investment is going to be much more and you are going to be happy with it.

We are very excited to work with you, if you have any more questions, give us a call at Click to call our expert trainers and connect with our team today.

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